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Man: (Mexico) 2.6k visits

4 videos


Man: 27y (Taiwan) 3.5k visits

252 favs - 37 photos


Man: 34y (USA) 21.5k visits

1 video - 83 favs


Man: 35y (USA) 6.2k visits

3 videos


Man: 49y (USA) 1.9k visits

1 fav

Into Men


Man: 25y (Ukraine) 2.3k visits


Man: 30y (USA) 20.5k visits

4 videos - 4 photos

Very chill and down to earth guy Huge boobs are my weakness


Man: 48y (USA) 1.9k visits


Man: 38y (USA) 43.2k visits

7 videos - 4 favs - 13 photos

Enjoying the single life. Love to meet, learn, and teach new things. Ultimately have fun and enjoy lifes experiences.


Man: 59y (Bulgaria) 6.9k visits

3 videos - 25 favs - 5 photos

We are cool couple, who loves chubby (FAT) white middle aged couples.

Sex And Knowladge

Man: 19y (India)

Amazing intresting knowledge and Related sex video


Man: 41y (Spain) 2.2k visits

Chico dispuesto a follar con mujeres, tríos con mujeres, o que el marido mire, me desplazo a media distancia del lugar donde vivo


Man: 41y (Taiwan) 2.6k visits


Man: 49y (Colombia) 6.7k visits

2 videos

Boonie Baby91

Man: 33y (USA) 12.9k visits

5 videos - 5 favs

I love to have fun & meeting new people I’m 4:20 friendly down to earth cool vibes only.... xoxo ladies only DM or SNAP: zylen_dp me if you down for the fun lol wanna be in my next video. you don’t have to show your face of you don’t want to

Michael William Andersen

Man: 66y (USA) 1.8k visits

I've always loved licking pussy. I play guitar, piano & bass and used to snow and water ski. I have an AS in General Studies, no decendants and ride a v-twin motorcycle. I was told my girlfriend was Lucifer because her eyes are green and glow with the shower water on.


Man: 40y (USA) 1.6k visits


Man: 21y (USA)

• Straight Solo Creator • 18+ • NYC • 46K on PHub • Ladies Email for Collabs •


Man: 57y (USA) 2.5k visits

72 favs

Typical middle-aged Gentlemen with a vast Collection of Adult Entertainment. (Approx. 35 TB on AWS) I have suffered from a ravenous Sex Addiction for 26 years, otherwise I'm a regular Marine Vet.


Man: 49y (USA) 2.5k visits

I like cooking, movies and of course porn. I enjoy finding people with similar interests. If you are into the same as me reach out, lets chat

Ojos Verdes14

Man: (Colombia) 4.9k visits

11 videos - 8 photos



Man: 38y (USA) 2.6k visits

5 photos

My best feature aside from my cock, would be my eyes. Women tell me they love when I look at them, it makes them all wet... I'm looking to explore new things an teach/learn. I love freaky women that's not afraid to take control, or be controlled in the bedroom and or wherever sexual acts take place. Sex is what its cracked up to be to be I love having sex. I love oral sex giving an receiving... Contact me directly on Kik @ OKCALIBOY.


Man: 64y (USA) 1.8k visits

Just a poor boy from the 'Patch and 08er even.


Man: 49y (USA) 3k visits

I am a single guy who loves watching videos of beautiful,naked,and sexy women.

Pittsburgh Vixen

Man: 40y (USA) 4.4k visits

2 videos


Man: 37y (Mexico) 24.1k visits

6 videos - 2 favs - 17 photos

Disfruto del sexo sin complicaciones, aveces lento, aveces duro, solo hay que dejar que fluya sígueme en mis redes sociales


Man: (USA)

Just a country boy in the city I love my women chubby thick bbw big tits medium tits, love a woman who can deepthroat and swallow, im a fucking freak and I love freaky women if u in the 302 hmu tho


Man: 29y (Brazil) 5.6k visits

21 photos


Man: 29y (Mexico) 13k visits

9 videos - 388 favs - 45 photos

--->Interesado en encuentros MHM y HMH --->Amante de las hotwifes, casadas y novias --->Telegram: @flaquitocogelon ---> Busco amigas para crear contenido $


Man: 33y (USA) 2.7k visits

3 photos

Athlete, love the gym, and being outdoors. I love the beach and doing adventures activities. I got the best job and most dangerous job in the US, I climb cell towers and radio towers, and perform any maintenance that needs to be done so we can have proper cell service!! Physicsly i wound say im in great shape i climb about 3 towers a day ( yes by hand) ranging anywhere from 200 to 700 feet. Aint nothing like being up that hi!! I value the little things in life. Im make great money but to me that aint everything i rather have me a nice house with a good women and a loyal dog, then ill spoil me queen! Craziest thing ive ever done?? been skydiving bungee jumping but craziest i did a 100 mile hike for a fallen navy seal Danny Dietz he was killed in operation red wings the same opp that the movie lone survivor was mad after. it was brutal but igotitdone!


Man: 50y (India)

Saya kesepian dan merindukan belaian gadis2 atau paling tidak diajak chat sama gadis2


Man: 55y (USA) 1.7k visits


Man: 37y (USA) 2.7k visits

1 photo

Just for fun


Man: 47y (USA) 1.9k visits

Just ask


Man: 32y (USA) 1.9k visits

18 favs

I love sex, thick girls, thin girls, older women with sum experience, also id love a nympo who loves anal n sucking dickin, den bitches turn me on no matter wat color


Man: 33y (USA) 2.3k visits

79 favs


Man: 36y (China) 2.9k visits

21 favs


Man: 59y (USA) 1.8k visits


Man: 29y (USA) 4.1k visits

37 favs - 14 photos

Feel free to add me.


Man: 26y (Uranus) 4.7k visits

5 videos


Man: 50y (USA) 1.8k visits

1 fav

Oh fuck yeah!!!


Man: 33y (USA) 2.4k visits


Man: 49y (Ireland) 2.2k visits

1 fav - 4 photos

Married Male.who like you enjoys watching porn......Always up for a Chat....if you wanna know more...hit me up..


Man: 67y (USA) 2.5k visits


Man: 42y (USA)


Man: 40y (Belgium) 2.4k visits

9 favs


Man: 27y (USA) 5.7k visits

2 videos


Man: 42y (USA) 10.2k visits

4 videos

Cant turn a hoe into a wife-


Man: 53y (USA) 1.7k visits

I am a happy fun loving person who likes to cross dress and be punished by whipping my ass and tits. and have many other fetishist also


Man: 37y (USA) 1.7k visits

1 fav


Man: 56y (USA) 13.6k visits

13 videos

I'm a lover of sexuality, sensuality, passion. I love open sexual expression. I have had a relatively straight sexual life with a few departures. Being a performing musician, I have had many opportunities to have a lot of sexual escapades, but I'm Italian...the one and done thing was never my style. I like to take time to enjoy being with another person. Biggest turn on is learning what and how a partner gets off. It's almost the only thing in my life, where I'm patient and not selfish. Let's face it, a guy can cum in 20-30 seconds and many do.....Ladies? Guys? I am sure, you've had the guy whose wrapper looked great, but when it came down to the nitty gritty, he was a 12 second wonder and then, fell asleep! You can post those stories here. Share everything and anything you would like. It would fun and interesting to hear about you. I love when woman hits that point when they cum and just, lose it. Yes, I'm an ass man butt, I love tits, too! All shapes and sizes. What I love most of all is that whomever I'm with, feels comfortable and can be able to let go of the things that bind them sexually. That's the most amazing moment. Society has plenty of inhibitions. I have been blessed with a better than average cock but it's not all about size, right? Yeah, it is a bit. I'm new to this, and while, my profile is overloaded with the abundance of cock pic's. I do try to keep the human piece in place! All animals fuck, just go to the z@@ or ask my ex-girlfriend! I found out that she was into that. Humans are the only species, that do it, just for the pleasure and enjoyment. I am looking to step out of my box.I'm non-judgmental,if it's your thing and consentually if it doesn't hurt anyone, I'm in. Again if it is what you're into, I have no judgement. I will admit, I've watched a lot of things that I didn't think I would, and that I might not try and surprisingly, turned me on. I'm not into hurting, tho, Butt to be fair, a good hard, fuck is sometimes, in order!


Man: (USA)


Man: 35y (USA) 3.2k visits

5 videos

I’m gay and always down to all..


Man: 28y (Vietnam) 2.9k visits

Thích làm tình


Man: 25y (Malaysia) 6.7k visits

3 videos - 1 fav

Im newbie, help me


Man: 34y (Bahamas) 2.1k visits

just have fun !


Man: 37y (USA) 11k visits

20 videos - 48 photos

I'm The Satanic Pope666 : Porn is fun and Sinful. I hope to make some good porn memories with people. Sexual activity is Spiritual and Physical. I wouldn't mind getting a Female pregnant on camera. I want to do a lot of role play scenes and videos. My sperm is Masonic, Secret Society, Satanic & Illuminati!!


Man: 49y (USA) 2.7k visits

4 favs

You have a want/need I'll fulfill that want/need


Man: 26y (USA) 1.4k visits

1 video

Tease My Cock

Man: 46y (United Kingdom) 8.2k visits

19 videos - 6 favs

I like having my hard cock punished and I'm always looking for ideas for new videos. I am also interested in meeting up with new guys or girls who would like to punish my cock and create new content. The basic theme of the stuff I shoot is 'my cock versus.....', let's see how much punishment it can take.


Man: 46y (USA) 6.3k visits

6 videos

,Hi im brandon a super honey guy. Im a scorpio. And I have so much extra cum in me.. who wants it so ahh idk we can chat or play live if u want


Man: 22y (USA)

2 videos - 11 photos

A young black male From Chicago Illinois love pretty bitches thick bitches white black it don’t matter at all


Man: 24y (Asia)


Man: 37y (Argentina) 6.8k visits

2 videos - 4 photos



Man: 50y (USA) 5.6k visits

10 videos - 33 favs - 274 photos

I Love Jerking Off! I'm into Public Masturbation, Public Sex, and Public Nudity...


Man: 31y (Brazil) 10k visits

Sou Um Jovem Bem Dotado, porém com muitas experiências bem sucedidas com casais e Mulheres como poderão verificar em minhas fotos e Gosto de pessoas reais, inteligentes, discretas, sigilosas, de bom nível cultural, que saibam dar valor à um bom papo e Apesar de estar aqui por sexo e prazer, uma amizade se faz sempre muito bem vinda, assim com um segundo encontro. Sou bem dotado , mas muito além do meu dote existe também minha atitude, alto confiança, simpatia, pegada e cavalheirismo. Estou aqui para da prazer e alimentar a paixão e criatividade de Casais e Mulheres !

Douglas Astarth

Man: 31y (Brazil) 3.3k visits

2 videos - 2 photos


Man: 46y (Brazil) 6.9k visits

7 videos - 248 favs - 6 photos

Xvídeos apenas passatempo.


Man: 34y (USA) 2.1k visits

Female Friend requests only!! Verified!! Real! Queens, NYC native amd resident Any new girl friends up for making our own movies?


Man: 47y (Serbia) 2.7k visits

6 photos

I like sex


Man: 31y (India) 2.1k visits

Men 24 with sexy body. Seeking girls/Women for fun!


Man: 30y (USA) 5k visits

2 videos - 3 photos

Hey , I'm here to entertain females msg derict Cum taste my cock Habló español Female's only add me on sc @ oc.skills


Man: 64y (USA)


Man: 34y (India) 1.8k visits

3R-E-D 4ASSR 1S-E-A :P (Comasquesta)


Man: 30y (Brazil) 29.8k visits

4 videos - 22 photos

Ola, Sou da zona sul de sp, experiência com casais, solteiras, solteiros e trans! 18cm de dote Fetichista Buscando novas amizades! Chama no chat que passo o Whatsapp Seja educado ! Contato com fotos terá preferência! Meu privacy totalmente gratuito assinatura só procurar por advogatto !


Man: 34y

4 videos

Enjoying life quarter mile at a time


Man: 33y (USA) 4.4k visits

Just a slightly above average cock getting more pussy than I deserve!


Man: 45y (USA) 1.7k visits


Man: 37y (USA) 6.3k visits

1 video - 24 photos

Hey I'm down to earth and like to eat pussy, make love, and beat it up if u want u can hit me up on.... (kik) justinclay26....or (skype)justinclay187_317.....(Gmail)


Man: 44y (USA) 1.7k visits

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